Zee Group chief Subhash Chandra is BJP’s Rajya Sabha candidate from Rajasthan

Subhash Chandra is BJP’s Rajya Sabha candidate: In the elections to be held for the 4 Rajya Sabha seats of Rajasthan, the candidates filed their nominations on May 31. Zee Group chief Subhash Chandra has filed a nomination as an independent candidate supported by BJP. Subhash Chandra has claimed victory after nomination with the support of the BJP. After his claim, the Haryana ink change scandal of 2016 is in the news again. It is believed that Dr. Chandra will become a Rajya Sabha MP this time also with the blessings of the BJP.

Zee Group chief Subhash Chandra is BJP’s Rajya Sabha candidate from Rajasthan

Actually, Subhash Chandra is an independent MP from Rajya Sabha from Haryana. Now his term is coming to an end. The numbers game in Haryana is not in favor of Dr. Chandra this time. Subhash Chandra has made a strategy to contest the Rajya Sabha elections from Rajasthan with the support of BJP.

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According to the current numbers, BJP is winning one seat. They need 11 votes for the second seat. BJP has nominated Ghanshyam Tiwari as the Rajya Sabha candidate. BJP has given its support to Subhash Chandra. It is believed that like Haryana, Congress-Independents can win elections by sabotaging the MLAs in Rajasthan. However, the equations are not in his favor.

Zee Group chief Subhash Chandra is BJP’s Rajya Sabha candidate from Rajasthan

The BJP has 71 MLAs in the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly. To win a seat, votes of 41 MLAs are needed. Two candidates require 82 votes. BJP supporters are falling short of 11 votes to win another candidate. In such a situation, if the BJP gets the support of 3 MLAs of Hanuman Beniwal’s party RLP, then the total number will be 74. Despite this, Chandra will need 8 votes. It is possible to get this vote by breaking into the Congress camp.

Congress leaders, on the other hand, are claiming the support of 126 MLAs including 108 of the party, 13 independents, one RLD, two CPM and two BTP MLAs. That is, this time the contest in Rajasthan is very interesting. BJP is trying to break into some independents and angry Congress MLAs from the Congress camp.

This time, with Subhash Chandra becoming the Rajya Sabha candidate from Rajasthan, the memories of Haryana’s pen change scandal have once again been refreshed. In the Rajya Sabha elections of Haryana in 2016, the BJP supported Subhash Chandra from outside as an independent. Congress and INLD had fielded Supreme Court lawyer RK Anand. The numbers were not in favor of Subhash Chandra, but the votes of 14 Congress MLAs were rejected for using the wrong pen.

Voting is done with violet ink pen every time in the Rajya Sabha elections. During the voting, someone strategically kept a pen with blue ink instead of purple ink. 14 Congress MLAs cast their vote with wrong ink, after which their votes were cancelled. Despite having less votes than this, Subhash Chandra won and the Congress candidate lost.

There was a huge controversy about this six years ago. RK Anand filed a petition in the court alleging rigging, on which the case is still going on. Even in Rajasthan, the numbers are not in favor of Subhash Chandra, but in the political circles, the discussion about repeating the 6-year-old story of Haryana is at its peak. BJP-backed candidate Dr. Subhash Chandra is the chairman of Essel Group.

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