Youth trending #NationalUnemploymentDay on the occasion of PM Modi’s 71st Birthday

Today is the 71st birthday of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. On this occasion, while BJP is preparing to run a 20-day service and dedication campaign, while Youth Congress is celebrating it as unemployment day. #NationalUnemploymentDay is trending on the occasion of PM Modi’s birthday. People are asking PM on his birthday ‘where are two crore jobs’. The people asking this question are among youth as well as political stalwarts to retired IAS officers. People are asking questions in their own way. The National President of Youth Congress took a dig at the PM and said, what a shameful birthday for the Indian Prime Minister, the whole country is wishing him a Happy National Unemployment Day.

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The group has decided to celebrate ‘Jumla Diwas’ with activities like banging utensils and clapping — a method PM Modi had invented to keep the citizens upbeat during the first lockdown last year.

It was announced by the Youth Congress to celebrate PM Modi’s birthday as ‘National Unemployment Day’. The Youth Congress was already engaged in its preparations. Street plays will be done for this, it has also been announced to take out pad yatras in many cities of the country.

This not the first time such an event has been organised on PM Modi’s birthday. Last year, youth activists had termed PM Modi’s birthday as ‘National Unemployment Day’. A large-scale social media campaign with hashtags like ‘#17Sept17Hrs17Minutes’, ‘#राष्ट्रीयबेरोजगारदिवस’ and ‘#NationalUnemploymentDay’ were trending on social media.

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