‘You have to become a BJP spokesperson’: Ragini Nayak launches tirade against Aaj Tak anchor after Chitra Tripathi

Ragini Nayak vs Chitra Tripathi: In an article written in the magazine of Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti, which comes under the Union Ministry of Culture, it has been said that the contribution of Savarkar in the freedom struggle is no less than that of Mahatma Gandhi. This ‘Antim Jan’ article has been written by the BJP Vijay Goel who is also Patron and Vice President of the committee. A debate was organised on this where Congress national spokesperson Ragini Nayak and anchor Chitra Tripathi clashed in the show.

After the debate show on Aaj Tak, anchor Chitra Tripathi has become a topic of intense discussion in Twitter. This was after the controversial TV anchor faced condemnation from Congress spokesperson for her allegation on Jawaharlal Nehru of not providing enough evidence to courts in Savarkar’s involvement in Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination.

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In this debate running on Aaj Tak channel, Tushar Gandhi, the great-grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, said “Very weak evidence was kept in the court to prove Savarkar guilty, the defense easily saved him. That’s why he had to release due to lack of evidence.”

On this Chitra Tripathi asked, “It means you are making serious allegations against Nehru because he was running the government at that time, right evidence was not given, that is why the truth of Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination did not come out in public?”

On this Tushar Gandhi said, “Some mistakes have been made and due to that this conspiracy was covered up, I do not know what is the truth behind it. A commission was set up during the time of Indira Gandhi, which clearly talked about the involvement of Savarkar.”

On this answer of Gandhi, Chitra asked Congress spokesperson Ragini Nayak, “Tushar Gandhi is saying that Nehru has made a mistake?” Ragini Nayak got furious at this. She said, “Tushar Gandhi has never said that it was Nehru’s fault. The way you lie is commendable.” After this both of them started arguing.

After the debate was over, Ragini Nayak launched a tirade against Aaj Tak anchor on Twitter. Nayak shared a video and wrote, “Tusshar Gandhi said – ‘He doesn’t think Pandit Ji would have ever done any kind of compromise in this matter’ but anchor Sahiba is saying that ‘Tushar Gandhi has said it was Nehru’s mistake.’ That’s why I said that the impetuosity with which this lady lies on her show is commendable.”

Ragini Nayak launches tirade against Aaj Tak anchor after Chitra Tripathi

Reacting to Nayak’s tweet, Chitra Tripathi shared another video of the debate. Chitra wrote, “She is trying to become a “Nayak” by crossing “the heights of shamelessness”. The show goes live, in which the woman, who describes her party leader Indira Gandhi as less knowledgeable, comes on social media to vent her anger. If you had kept your sides in the show properly, then there would not have been a need to work so hard here.”

Ragini Nayak again hits back at the anchor’s tweet and wrote, “Calling the national spokesperson of Congress ‘shameless’ is proof of your ‘moral decline’. If Mafiveer’s apology letters not being made public till the 1980s is Indira Gandhi’s ‘lack of knowledge’ then it’s a sign of your ‘intellectual downfall’. On the show, I keep my sides in such a way that you have to become a BJP spokesperson by crossing the limits of ‘partisanship’.”

Ragini Nayak launches tirade against Aaj Tak anchor after Chitra Tripathi

Chitra Tripathi started facing a backlash on the micro-blogging site almost immediately as people dropped comments like, “Today BJP Cheerleader is being caught red-handed with her pants down.”

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