“You have reduced people like us to zero”: Modi fan anchor Sushant Sinha opens a front against PM

PM Narendra Modi has decided to withdraw farm laws and repeal them in the upcoming parliamentary session. While on one hand there is a wave of happiness among the farmers due to his move, many ‘Godi’ journalists were seen angry with this decision of PM Modi. Modi fan anchor Sushant Sinha has reportedly opened a front against PM Modi after his farm bill withdrawal announcement.

News anchor Sushant Sinha also shared a video on the witdrawal of agricultural laws, in which he lashed out at PM Modi and said that you have withdrawn the law out of desperation, but what about us, made us zero.

This video of Sushant Sinha is becoming very viral. Sushant Sinha said, “That farm law, about which what did not happen in a year. Narendra Modi says he takes back those laws. He expressed condolences that we could not convince the farmers, due to which we have withdrawn the law.”

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In the video, Sushant Sinha took a jibe at PM Modi and said, “Those people, who read the law, understood it and thought that now something good is going to happen for the farmers. They lost with the bowing of Narendra Modi. You yourself said that we could not convince some farmers and for ‘some’ you left everyone. If you want to follow some, then bring back 370 in Jammu and Kashmir, why was it removed.”

Sushant Sinha did not stop here. He further said in his video, “How did you fail to explain, what have you done recently? Why we couldn’t see? Would you have lost in UP elections? would have lost in Punjab. What will be the benefit now? In Punjab, the Congress may suffer, but the BJP is certainly not going to benefit.”

While lashing out at PM Modi, Sushant Sinha further said, “May be, you are frustrated that these people do not want good, so why should I suffer political losses. Then also answer those people who were explaining the law to the people. It came to your mind, you got frustrated and you said that we are withdrawing. What about those who wanted the welfare of the farmers? People like us, whom people were abusing, our lives were in danger at the border. What you have done for us, made us zero.”

Sushant Sinha is counted among the star anchors of the newly launched channel Navbharat of Times Group. It is said there is no match like Sushant when it comes to defending Narendra Modi and his government.

Another video of Sushant Sinha is going viral on social media where he can be attacking Narendra Modi. In this viral video he can be seen saying, “The country had chosen a PM with a chest of 56 inches @narendramodi ji, not a PM who would bow down seeing political gains and losses or in the face of opposition from few despite the support of a large section.”

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