“You don’t have guts to buy me”: Senior journalist Sandeep Chaudhary shuts down BJP spokesperson in a heated debate

A video of the live debate show of Hindi news channel News24 is going viral on social media, in which a fierce debate is being seen between BJP spokesperson Prem Kumar Shukla and anchor Sandeep Chaudhary. It is seen in the viral video that, during the discussion, when the BJP spokesperson questioned the journalism of Sandeep Chaudhary, the anchor hit back and said that you do not have the courage to buy me. Social media users are also giving their reactions fiercely on this video.

In fact, during the debate, BJP spokesperson Prem Kumar Shukla told the anchor, “You have no restraint at all. Have you joined the sold-out journalists?” The anchor strongly objected to this. Reversing the allegations leveled against him, the anchor gave him back and said, “you don’t have the guts and courage to buy me. You don’t dare buy me.”

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To this Prem Shukla said, “what to talk about sold-out TV journalists, what to buy sold ones. The anchor told the spokesperson, “you did journalism for only two days. After that, you went joined Shiv Sena then went to BJP. So don’t teach me journalism lessons. The anchor said, “you think you will get away by saying anything to anyone.”

During this, anchor Sandeep Chaudhary kept asking questions to Prem Shukla, “Who is making fun of the law & order, is there any law and order in the state or not.” However, the BJP spokesperson did not respond to the anchor’s question. He continued to talk about TV’s sold journalists and other things. This debate between the two lasted for about five minutes.

This video of this part of the debate show is now becoming very viral on social media, on which users are also giving their reactions fiercely. One user wrote, “Sandeep Choudhary why do you call such people worth two buckets. What can you expect from those who have sold their faith? You should do a defamation case against this lousy person.”

Another wrote, “These people have become the moral of BJPmen! The confusion is clearly visible! All the channels have been bought by these BJP people!” Another user wrote, “How many cartoons are filled in this BJP man.” Let us tell you that in the same way, all the users are giving their reactions on this video.

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