‘You coward! What a disgrace!’: Anand Mahindra gets BRUTALLY trolled over his old tweets on falling rupee

On Friday, the rupee touched a historic all-time low against the US dollar. The rupee crossed the 81 mark against the US dollar for the first time with a fall of 44 paise in early trade. At the same time, old tweets of industrialist Anand Mahindra are going viral on Twitter made during the UPA (Congress and allies) government in the year 2012-2013 about the rupee plunging. He used to mock then Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and the UPA-led Congress government about the falling value of the rupee.

Before 2014, when the rupee was weak in the Congress government, then BJP leaders, businessmen, journalists and Bollywood celebrities used to express their views indiscriminately. But now when the rupee is at a record low of 81, these celebs & industrialists have maintained silent.

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Journalist Mohammed Zubair, the co-founder of fact-checking organization Alt News, has shared screenshots of Anand Mahindra and Godi anchors who used to criticize Dr. Manmohan Singh’s government before 2014. In the tweet, there are old tweets of Mahindra taking a dig at the Congress government at that time when the rupee was at 60. The rupee was trading between 50-60 against the US dollar during the time.

Anand Mahindra gets BRUTALLY trolled

Today they are all silent on the continuously falling of the rupee. Anand Mahindra as well as Godi journalists are refraining from speaking anything on rising inflation and weakening rupee.

In 2013, when the rupee was at 60, Mahindra tweeted tauntingly, “Time to read from the silver linings playbook. With the rupee at this level, Indian assets & potential are being undervalued&are a great buy..”

In another tweet, he tweeted, “Astronauts 1st experience zero gravity in freefalling aircraft. After Y’day’s market&rupee freefall, we’re floating. Welcome to Space Mountain As soon as rupee hits 81 mark, netizens are taking a dig at him.

Check out some of the tweets:

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