‘You are not a journalist, you are communal’: Farooq Abdullah lashes out at Times Now reporter

Farooq Abdullah lashes out at Times Now reporter: The attitude of the self-proclaimed mainstream media towards Kashmir, North East, South India has always been discriminatory. Frustrated with imposing their point of view on ground reality, journalists have once again faced public ‘humiliation’.

National Conference President and former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah has lashed out at the Times Now reporter, calling him ‘communal’.

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In fact, on Saturday (11 December 2021), a Times Now reporter in Jammu wanted to know Farooq Abdullah’s reaction to the death of two policemen killed in the Bandipora attack. Abdullah was probably already aware of the attitude of such a journalist.

He lashed out at the Times Now journalist and said, “What do you want me to say? This is a sad incident.” Then on repeating the question, Farooq Abdullah said angrily, “Tell this to the central government, who says everything is fine here. How can a common man be protected when policemen are not safe here.”

When a Times Now reporter defended himself by calling himself a journalist for the purpose of dismissing Farooq Abdullah’s anger, Abdullah said, “I am saying on your face you are not a journalist, you are communal.”

After this, the same question was thrown at Farooq Abdullah, which he keeps answering from different forums every day that, “Should talks with Pakistan still be held?”

As usual, Farooq Abdullah clarified his stand and said, “You have to do it because there is no other way. When talks can be held with China who has entered our border then why not with Pakistan.”

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