‘You are gaining knowledge from Whatsapp University’: Modi fan actor Ranvir Shorey trolled badly for his tweet on Taj Mahal demanding opening of doors

Actor Ranvir Shorey trolled badly for his tweet on Taj Mahal: The Taj Mahal is surrounded by controversies these days. Recently, a petition has been filed in the Allahabad Court to open 22 rooms of the Taj Mahal, so that it can be found out whether they contain idols of any kind of Hindu deities. There has also been a demand on social media to open the closed rooms of the Taj Mahal. Actor Ranvir Shorey has also made a similar demand, but his funny style has upset many netizens.

The Bollywood actor tweeted about opening the rooms of the Taj Mahal and said, “Can’t believe that in the 21st century, and after more than 70 years of Independence, #India still has national monuments with secret “locked basement rooms”! Please inko kholo aur humko batao vahan kyaa hai! So we can make Indiana Jones type of movies about it.”

But this tweet of Ranvir Shorey didn’t land well for the Twitter users and got trolled badly. A user wrote in the comment of the post, “You have to be too bewkoof to believe that bakwaas. It’s obvious you are gaining knowledge from Whatsapp University Tomorrow you will say that taj belongs to some maharaja of rajasthan.”

A user named Ujjwal K Chowdhury wrote, “Nonsense. That’s all political nonsense created in election years. Now Gujarat and HP polls ahead.”

Modi fan actor Ranvir Shorey trolled badly for his tweet on Taj Mahal

Another user tweeted, “Can’t believe in 21st century instead of talking about unemployment and price hike we are discussing Taj Mahal.”

A user named Mukesh wrote, “Unemployed actors trying some hands on conspiracy theories.”

The petitioner was harassed by the High Court
On Thursday, the petitioner BJP leader Rajneesh Singh was slammed by the Lucknow Bench of the Allahabad High Court regarding the Taj Mahal. The court told the petitioner that he go and read history, do research and then come back to the court. Hearing the matter, a bench of Justices DK Upadhyay and Subhash Vidyarthi said, “You will start demanding to come to the judge’s chamber tomorrow, what does it mean. Don’t make a mockery of PIL. First read, when and who built the Taj Mahal. Go to university, do a Ph.D. or M.Phil then come to court.”

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