“You are a dalit, your job is to clean the gutters”; Nodeep Kaur reveals racial slurs and sexual harassment from Haryana police

A trade union activist arrested for supporting the farmers’ agitation has been brutally beaten and caste-abused. Nodeep Kaur, who was released on bail Wednesday, told the media about the brutal torture she suffered.

Nodeep was taken into custody by Haryana Police on January 12. Nodeep said she was taken to the Kundali police station but was put in a van with her hair caught and beaten up. Kaur said women police were not present when she was arrested.

Nodeep Kaur shares her experience

Booted and kicked in private parts. Stabbed with a lathi. Bleeding. Four policemen entered the body and tortured it. That night she was taken to Sonipat station. The room was closed for two days. The persecution continued. There were always wounds on the body. Yet the medical report was not prepared. Kaur said the court allowed the medical examination two weeks later.

She also said that she was racially abused by the police while harassing her.

The police kept telling me while harassing me that I was a dalit and that I should understand this and act accordingly. My job is to clean the gutters. Who gave you the right to organize a protest against big people? ‘ She said.

Nodeep Kaur said she was persecuted because she was a Dalit woman and a trade union leader.

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Kaur further said she found that other women in the jail had a worse experience. Most of the women in jail for petty crimes are from poor or backward communities. Kaur said the police had no evidence against them.

Meena Harris, the niece of US Vice President Kamala Harris, tweeted about the brutal physical and sexual abuse of Nodeep Kaur.

The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has sought a report from the Haryana Police on the incident after Kaur disclosed to the media about the torture in custody.

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