‘You are a cruel and disgusting human being’: Navika Kumar gets roasted for making insensitive tweet on bulldozer action

Anchor Navika Kumar trolled yet again over her comment on the state’s atrocities against Muslim homes and businesses across the country. Navika Kumar, the Editor-in-Chief of Times Now, Times Now Navbharat Editor-in-Chief and Times Network Group, took to Twitter to ridicule those who lost their homes and livelihoods in the state action. There has been a lot of criticism of her tweet. Political and social activists and senior journalists have come out to criticize the immature post. The hashtag #Navika has already gone viral on Twitter.

Navika Kumar while scoffing at the mourning of those who lost their homes tweeted, ”Dramatic increase in demand for bulldozers. Are we increasing domestic capacity for manufacturing or will we have to depend on imports?? #JustAsking.”

Navika’s insensitive remarks came as BJP-ruled Delhi Municipal Corporation (BMC) officials bulldozed Muslim-owned buildings and houses in Delhi’s Jahangirpuri. In the last few days, the government has leveled allegations of widespread misappropriation of Muslim property in Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat. The remarks came amid widespread criticism of the bulldozer politics started by the Yogi Adityanath government in Uttar Pradesh.

While responding to Navika journalist Vidya Krishnan tweeted, “You are a cruel and disgusting human being. I feel sorry for people who are cursed with you in their lives.”

Navika Kumar gets roasted

Bengali actress and TMC MP Nusrat Jahan tweeted, ”It’s a shame that #NewIndia has come down to THIS! When homes are being destroyed, some people are cracking jokes. Modi ji is obliterating humanity from most minds to ensure his praise continues… Utterly shameful!”

Navika Kumar gets roasted

Author Rahul Pandita, “You are a sick person, Navika. It takes a lifetime to build four walls you call Home.”

Navika Kumar gets roasted

Journalist Amit Varma retweeted Navika’s post saying, “Modern Neros will not fiddle while Rome burns, they will fiddle *because* Rome burns. And they will joke about the demand for kerosene.”

Navika Kumar gets roasted

Journalist Ankur Tewari responded, “The cancer of hate has spread through your system. There is no cure for you.”

Navika Kumar gets roasted

Scam 1992, Writer Vaibhav Vishal tweeted, “Itโ€™s okay to flaunt your privileged existence and your brazen prejudices. But when all this is over, after people and regimes are dead and gone, some of the cries would come to haunt you, wherever you would be and however you would be.”

Navika Kumar gets roasted

Fashion designer Anand Bhushan tweeted, “This is the level of lowlife. #Shame

” Do not be afraid. Bulldozers will still be needed. Everyone is in line. Some people’s turn will come first. Followed by the rest. If the first people are not saved, then no one is going to survive. ” – Health activist and author Dr. About the astral reality.
Supreme Court intervention in Jahangirpuri

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court has stayed the demolition of buildings in Delhi’s Jahangirpuri. The court intervened in a petition filed against the demolition of buildings by Jamiatul Ulama. The demolition of the Delhi Municipal Corporation buildings began on the grounds that they were illegal. However, the authorities continued to disregard the order. Later, political leaders and social activists, including Brinda Karat of CPIM, blocked the bulldozer.

As soon as the court convened this morning, the lawyer brought the matter to the attention of the court. The lawyer said immediate intervention was needed as the buildings began to be demolished. The court directed to maintain the status quo in Jahangirpuri. The case will be heard in detail tomorrow.

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