Yogi govt officials offer public apology to farmers at Baraut on police excesses

After initiating an action against the farmers, the Yogi Adityanath government(Yogi govt) on Sunday offered a public apology to the farmers for the excesses against the agitating farmers in the Baraut tehsil of Baghpat and assured not to advocate cases against the farmers.

Yogi govt officials offer public apology

During the Sarva Khap Mahapanchayat at Baraut in Baghpat, ADM Baghpat Amit Kumar and ASP Manish Mishra publicly offered amnesty for forcible removal of the farmers, who were holding dharna in Baraut. The farmers alleged that the police attacked them while they were sleeping in tents. They took tents, food, utensils, cash, bedding etc. on the night of 27-28 January.

Yogi govt on backfoot now

We regret the police action and the forcible removal of the farmers from the protesting site in Baraut. We are also sons of farmers. You are all our elders. We ensure that no case will be registered against any farmers. The seized items will also be returned by the police, evicting them, ”announced the ADM at Sarva Khap Mahapanchayat.

Khap Panchayats against yogi govt

The Chaudhary (heads of various Jat communities) of all the Khaps in the Khap Mahapanchayat unanimously decided to support the agitating farmers until the government repealed the new agricultural laws. “We have decided to support agitating farmers. The stir will continue until the government withdraws three agricultural laws. We have decided to march in large numbers across the three borders (Singhu, Tikri and Ghazipur) to Thamba Khap chief Brijpal Chaudhary to show solidarity with his brothers.

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“This is a fight not only to withdraw the anti-farmer laws but also to protect our honor. We have also decided to boycott BJP leaders in our villages.

The BKU chief Naresh Tikait, who reached the Ghazipur border to support his brother Rakesh Tikait, stayed away from the Khap Mahapanchayat. Instead, his son Gaurav Tikait went there to represent him.

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