Yogi Adityanath caught spreading fake PR video, Deleted after getting slammed

Yesterday on Wednesday, March 10, Uttar Pradesh Government Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath released a video from his official Twitter account. In this video, the youth named Durgesh Chaudhary of Maharajganj is thanking the Uttar Pradesh government for getting the job of revenue accountant, but the truth is that since 2017, the revenue accountant has not been recruited in Uttar Pradesh.

Yogi Adityanath has tweeted a video, ‘Mr. Durgesh Chaudhary, thanking Chief Minister Mr. @myogiadityanath Ji Maharaj for the time bound results of the examinations conducted for the government job and for the transparent selection process. Mr. Durgesh Chaudhary has been appointed with full transparency on the post of Revenue Accountant.’

Retweeting this video, Anupam, the convenor of Yuva Hallabol, says, ‘Ka ho maharaj? The youth of Uttar Pradesh are saying that there has been no recruitment of Lekhpal during your tenure! Then Durgesh ji is thanking which Chief Minister? Anyway, he has not taken your name in the video, yet why are you telling his recruitment your achievement? ‘

Significantly, the recruitment on the posts of Lekhpal has been stuck for the last 3 years. In Uttar Pradesh, the recruitment process for the vacant post of Lekhpal has been going on since 2020. In Uttar Pradesh, 8000 posts of Lekhpal are to be admitted. 2020 went out, but the state government could not complete the recruitment process. The government’s proposal remained stuck in the UPSSC building itself. In 2021 also, the government is preparing to recruit on these vacancies.

However the recruitment process has not started yet. In such a situation, the video released by Yogi Adityanath is questioned. It is not mentioned in the video that in which year Durgesh Chaudhary took the account of Lekhpal and when he was selected.

Yogi Adityanath slammed by opposition

The public has started questioning on Twitter, is the Yogi government unable to provide employment, now making false claims or by using the recruits many years ago, to expose its failures. In the last days of 2020, there was widespread demand for youth employment in Uttar Pradesh, youth across the country demonstrated against unemployment.

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It is worth noting that the BJP government in UP was formed in the year 2017. Yogi Adityanath was sworn in as CM on 19 March 2017. As soon as this whole thing came to light, the tweet was deleted from the Twitter handle of the Chief Minister’s Office, but now the opposition is surrounding the government in this matter. Congress spokesperson Pawan Kheda wrote on Twitter

“A video of a person named Durgesh Chaudhary was put out from the official account of the Chief Minister in which he thanked Yogi Joe for the transparent recruitment of Lekhpal. It is now known that there has been no recruitment of Lekhpal for 5 years, the tweet has been deleted as soon as the poll is open.”

UP Congress tweeted one after the other and targeted CM Yogi. Congress wrote in its tweet,

“If the lie was caught, the tweet was deleted. As soon as the tweet was deleted, the government based on the foundation of the lie will also be deleted. ”

Instead of giving employment, the government is becoming more interested in serving lies on Twitter. At present, we see that youths who are depressed due to lack of employment are continuously committing suicide, such incidents are increasing continuously in Uttar Pradesh. In such a situation, instead of providing employment to the youth, the Uttar Pradesh government is trying to deceive the youth by false propaganda, it is shameful.

Selected unemployed SK Srivastava has commented,

“Also tell the advertisement number of this recruitment, how was this recruitment and when did it come, in which Shri Durgesh Chaudhary, the only intelligent person of Uttar Pradesh was selected.”

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