Yet again Anjana Om Kashyap ridiculed for her style of journalism while reporting Jahangirpuri demolition

Controversial TV anchor Anjana Om Kashyap had to face grief from Twitter users, who took potshots at her style of journalism. A video of Aajtak anchor Anjana Om Kashyap reporting from Jahangirpuri demolition site is going viral on social media, in which when the victims of the encroachment campaign spoke about Hindu Muslim unity, the anchors came out with an excuse.

The anchor of the news channel Aaj Tak shouted, “What is illegal will be broken. There is a lot of opposition from the local people.” She then reaches out to a few residents of Jahangiripuri who were been imprisoned by the Delhi Police. Kashyap poked her mic towards a woman, who said, “When there is an order of the Supreme Court, why is it being demolished?”

Meanwhile, a young man says – “Madam my name is Sonu.. We are Hindus.. Hindus and Muslims live here in harmony…Our employment has gone. We have small children.” At this point the anchor starts making excuses and says, “We have to go from here. Police is asking us to leave.”

Interestingly, a separate clip on Aaj Tak showed a distraught young man saying his shop had been broken down. He began speaking about a Hindu-Muslim angle but was cut off by Kashyap, who said, “What were you thinking while doing illegal construction?”

The man angrily replied, “This has been around for 50 years…It suddenly become illegal after the Hindu-Muslim issue?”

Anjana Om Kashyap ridiculed for her style of journalism

The alleged mainstream media of the country has been accused of supporting the ruling party and targeting a particular community.

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