‘Yes, I have links with terrorism’: Priyanka Gandhi hits back at Smrit Irani’s allegations

Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi has hit back at Union Minister Smriti Irani’s statement, in which her family’s ties were linked to terrorism. She said that her family members have been martyred for this country.

In fact, during a conversation with Hindi news channel ‘Aaj Tak’, when Priyanka Gandhi was asked by the reporter that Smriti Irani has linked her with terrorism, Smriti Irani has said that Priyanka Gandhi is related to terrorism. On this Priyanka Gandhi gave her strong reaction.

Priyanka Gandhi replied, “Yes, I have links with terrorism. My father was killed by terrorists and my grandmother too. Yes, I am related to terrorism, my family members have been martyred for this country. Stop saying all this.”

This video of Priyanka Gandhi is now becoming very viral on social media and users are also giving their reactions fiercely.

Significantly, in the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections, political parties are trying to set their agenda according to their own advantage. While BJP is trying to take the election on terrorism, while Priyanka Gandhi is connecting this election with the issue of women, connecting it with the issues of youth. At the same time, there are attackers on the BJP regarding law and order.

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