World War 3 fears grow as China furious with Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, puts army on ‘high alert

World War 3: Tension between the US and China over Taiwan has reached its peak. After US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi landed in Taiwan, the Chinese Army PLA has started live fire drills from 6 locations around Taiwan. Due to the war-like situation between the two superpowers of the world, the threat of a third world war has started looming in the social media. That too when both the US and China have deployed nuclear-armed warships in the South China Sea. The head of the United Nations has warned that a mistake could result in nuclear catastrophe. Let us understand whether tensions on Taiwan can provoke a third world war?

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In Taiwan’s parliament, Nancy Pelosi declared that the US would never leave Taiwan alone, while Taiwanese President Tsai Ing Wen said that we will not bow to threats. Pelosi said, “Everyone is proud of the friendship with Taiwan. We will strengthen economic ties with Taiwan.” On the other hand, China has warned that it will take all necessary steps to protect its sovereignty. In response to the visit, China said it would definitely take vigorous steps to protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity. It said that US would be responsible for all the consequences after this incident. China said that Taiwan will definitely be united with the mainland.

World War 3 fears grow as China furious with Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan

China sent 21 fighter jets near Taiwan border
Chinese affairs expert Joe Mac Reynolds believes that China is indicating through missile tests and live fire drills that it is not going to war immediately. In a rapidly changing event, an accidental face-off between the two sides can turn out to be out of control. China has also indicated this. China sent 21 fighter jets near the Taiwan border after Nancy Pelosi landed in Taiwan. According to the Chinese news agency Xinhua, the Chinese army has started its targeted military operation around Taiwan. China has imposed many economic sanctions against Taiwan.

Due to this move of China, its relations with America have reached a very bad phase. Pelosi believes that this visit is necessary to protect democracy and thus has recognized Taiwan as a sovereign country. China is not happy with this and has lodged a strong protest by summoning the US ambassador. This is the highest leader’s visit to Taiwan in 25 years from the US. The world is divided on Pelosi’s visit, on the one hand there are people who are supporting this journey, on the other hand there are also a large number of people who are being threatened by the third world war. Today is considered very important in terms of relations between both the countries.

Could the third world war break out?
Experts believe that due to the visit of Nancy Pelosi, tensions between the armies of China and America can increase significantly. The armies of both the countries are in constant contact with their chiefs to assess the situation and predict the future course of action. He said that even after this tension, the threat of third world war is very less. Yes, with the move of Nancy Pelosi, a new cold war between China and America seems to be beginning. America’s arch rival Russia is seen standing with China in this Cold War. At the same time, America expects help from Japan, South Korea and ASEAN countries.

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