With Two-Word Tweet, Rahul Gandhi Hits Out At Election Commission

The Election Commission has come under attack from the opposition after the electronic voting machine (EVM) used in voting was recovered from the BJP candidate’s car in Assam (Assam). Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has once again targeted the Election Commission over this matter. The Congress leader has attacked the Election Commission through ‘two words’.

While tweeting, Rahul Gandhi wrote election ‘commission’. After receiving the EVM, the Congress targeted the Election Commission and said that the Commission should take decisive steps on this issue and remove the apprehensions. Not only this, the Congress said that all national parties need to seriously re-evaluate the use of EVMs. The party said that if the Election Commission remains silent on this issue, then it will prove fatal for democracy.

Rahul Gandhi

This tweet of Rahul Gandhi has come on the incident, in which the video being viral on social media claimed to contain EVMs in a private vehicle and told of the vehicle to the BJP MLA. The Election Commission has suspended four officials in this case and ordered re-polling at a polling station in Assam’s Raatbari assembly constituency.

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Targeting this issue, Rahul Gandhi, through another tweet, wrote, ‘Election Commission carriage deteriorated, BJP intentions deteriorated, democracy deteriorated’.

Apart from this, Congress leader Srinivas Biwi tweeted, “There are about 35-40 lakh registered vehicles in Assam! Incidentally, the Election Commission only got the BJP candidate’s car, who wrote this cheap script of the Election Commission? ‘

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