With the intention to incite riots on Eid, Hindu man vandalised Hanuman idol in Burhanpur, arrested

Hindu man vandalised Hanuman idol in Burhanpur: An attempt was made to spoil the atmosphere on the occasion of Eid and Parshuram Jayanti in Burhanpur, Madhya Pradesh. However, no major incident took place due to the promptness of the police. Here some anti-social elements destroyed the idol of Hanuman temple with the intention to incite riots.

CCTV proved to be helpful for the police in the whole matter. With the help of CCTV it was revealed that the accused named Satish Chauhan had vandalized the Hanuman temple. The accused Satish Chauhan has been arrested by the police. This incident of vandalism in Hanuman temple is being told a day before Eid and Parashuram Jayanti.

Accused arrested within two hours
In order to disturb the peace in Burhanpur, which is called the Gate of Deccan, the idol was damaged in the Maliwada Hanuman Temple. As soon as the police came to know about it, the Burhanpur police immediately became active. When the surrounding CCTV cameras were scanned, it came to know that the man who vandalized the temple is none other than Hindu man Satish Chauhan. After this, the police took immediate action and saved the city from deteriorating within just two hours by taking the accused in their custody.

Hindu man vandalised Hanuman idol in Burhanpur

Police appeal to the general public for peace
Burhanpur SP Rahul Lodha said that the police have made elaborate arrangements for the festival to be held peacefully. Apart from 350 CCTV cameras, the city is also being monitored by drone cameras. Mobile patrol party has been organized in the city. Fixed Points, Quick Reaction Force has taken a stand in the district. Police force is deployed at all religious places and sensitive areas. Burhanpur SP Rahul Lodha appealed to the general public that the police is fully prepared. Any anti-social element and people trying to spoil the atmosphere will not be spared.

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