Will reward 20 lakhs to anyone who beheads filmmakers who insult Hindu deities: Mirchi Baba

Recently, controversy erupted over the poster of Leena Manimekalai’s documentary film Kali, in which the filmmaker showed goddess Kali smoking a cigarette. In the midst of this controversy, the filmmaker had shown the actors playing the role of ‘Shiv-Parvati’ smoking a cigarette. In this regard, FIR has been registered against Manimekalai at many places. At the same time, amidst heated politics on this matter, a provocative statement of Mirchi Baba of Haridwar has come to the fore. Mirchi Baba has announced to give 20 lakh rupees for beheading those who insult Hinduism in films.

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Vairagyananand alias Mirchi Baba said, “Today, such films are being made, a (web) series has been made in Ashram in which our Hindu religion is being slandered and I will not tolerate this at all.” He further said, “I announce today in India that if someone brings beheadings of the makers of such films in the afternoon, I will give 20 lakh rupees from my ashram.”

Mirchi Baba said, “At the international level, our religion is being attacked under a very big conspiracy, such acts are being done on our values, so if someone brings them beheading, I will give Rs 20 lakh to Mahamandaleshwar of Panchayati Niranjani Akhara. . These demons will not obey without beheading.”

There was also a lot of controversy regarding the Bobby Deol starrer web series Ashram. In the ashram, Bobby Deol plays Baba Nirala, who takes advantage of girls in the name of Aastha. There was a lot of opposition to this web series. Many Hindu organizations had objected to this. During the shooting of the web series, there was a big ruckus in Bhopal. The activists of Bajrang Dal had a scuffle with filmmaker Prakash Jha. Bajrang Dal workers said that this land should not be used to humiliate Hindu society.

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