“Will BJP cut tickets of MPs/MLAs who have more than two children?”: Ravish Kumar lashes out at UP’s new population policy

Senior journalist Ravish Kumar has taken a jibe at the new population policy of Uttar Pradesh. In a post written on his Facebook page, Ravish said that government jobs are not known but laws are being introduced that more than 2 children will not get jobs.

Ravish Kumar wrote, “According to the news, as per the proposed law, those who have more than two children will not get a government job. Those who are in government jobs and have more than two children will not get many facilities. Reading this, I am thinking of lakhs of young people who are not married due to lack of government jobs. What progress has been made by UP in providing jobs to such children?”

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Ravish Kumar questioned the Yogi government and said that why the government does not tell how many such youths who have more than two children are preparing for the government recruitment examination? Is the number such high that the government has to bring a law? Second, there must be some youths who are waiting for the completion of their recruitment process for many years. How many of them have more than two children? There is no point in torturing those who are already in government service and have more than two children.

Ravish Kumar tauntingly asked, “will BJP cut the tickets of such MPs and MLAs who have more than two children? If yes, then pass the resolution in your national executive and show it.”

He further wrote, “Election is coming. Before the issue of unemployment becomes big, the question of population is being raised so that people can get into the mind of how many jobs the government will give. In the name of population, Hindu families will be pushed into the fantasy world that Muslims have a large population, so jobs are less. They will forget that the presence of Muslims in jobs is negligible.”

Ravish Kumar surrounded the Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh and said that the government which is unable to provide jobs to the youth, is bringing a law that if there are more than two children, they will not give jobs. It seems that the UP government has opened a counter for those who do not have any children.

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