“Wife-Beater”: Activist Shehla Rashid Hits Back After Father’s Charges

Former JNU student Shehla Rashid has been accused by her father of being involved in anti-national activities. He has written a letter to the DGP demanding action against Shehla. Shehla’s father has alleged that his daughter took Rs 3 crore from Juhur Batali and Rashid Engineer. Stating that he is in danger of his life, he has also requested for protection from the DGP. However, Shehla has denied all the father’s allegations. She has accused Abdul Rashid of domestic violence.

In the case, the father and daughter are openly accusing each other. On Tuesday, the two also came face to face in a TV channel debate. Let us know what the questions and answers were between the two:

Abdul Rashid (Shehla’s father): I was proud of what Shehla did before 2017. She was in the Delhi-based organization CPIM. We had differences over Shehla’s entry into the politics of Kashmir in 2017. Why Shehla took a U-turn in her ideology should be known. When I protested, I was accused of domestic violence.

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Shehla: There is no charge against me. The charges are on my father. He has a case of domestic violence. The court has ordered that he should not be allowed to come home. The trial has issued a warrant against him for not appearing in the hearing. He had already been expelled from the house by the locals, because he had committed violence against my mother and abused us. He has been fighting with us since childhood. He drove us out of the house at three o’clock in the night. He does not know till today which class we study, how our mother used to pay our fees.

Abdul Rashid: Ask her who she went with when she went out of Kashmir for the first time after her studies. With whom she went for the counseling in Jalandhar for her BTech and exams in Delhi.
Shehla: He (Abdul Rashid) has enumerated three things. The only three things he has done for us. I don’t want to go into debate with him. The court has released a warrant against him. He should come in court and answer.

Abdul Rashid: I have given the answer in the court, and the court has also given me the restoration. I have a court order. The court has restored me to my house, restoring it saying that he (Abdul Rashid) has to live on the ground floor and the others will live on the first floor.
Shehla: Ask him, he should come to court. The court has taken out a warrant, he will come there and answer.

Abdul Rashid: Ask her whether she has earned 3 crores or got from somewhere else.
Shehla: First you (Abdul) answer why did you meet Zahoor Batali? Please answer this first. (Then Shehla disconnects the phone)

Abdul: Because he joined their party. Was the J&K People’s Alliance partnered with Rashid Engineer’s party or not? She is misleading the entire press. I have put all the proofs in front of the court. I will answer them in court.

Shehla Rashid also replied on twitter

Earlier, Shehla has also responded to her father’s allegations on Twitter. She issued a statement saying that this does not happen in any other family which my father has done. He has made baseless allegations against me as well as my mother and sister. Shehla tweeted that he is an abusive and vicious person who beat his wife. We have finally decided to take action against him and this stunt is his reaction.

Shehla has further said in her statement, “Although it is a family matter, the allegations leveled against us are very serious. In fact, my mother, sister and I have filed a domestic violence complaint against my father in court. He has been barred from entering our home since 17 November 2020. I request all of you not to take their words seriously.

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