“Why should India’s richest man fund such a venomous network?”: Journalist Rohini Singh slams Mukesh Ambani for spreading communal hate through his news channel

After the incident of beating of a Muslim boy selling bangles in Indore came to light, even though justice-loving people are criticizing it fiercely, but a large section is shamelessly justifying it.

This population, which calls itself a staunch Hindu, has not been created in a day, there is entire machinery that is working in brainwashing the youth of Hindu society. Sometimes through politicians and sometimes through anchors & reporters of TV channels.

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An example of this is the special video program aired by ‘News18 Madhya Pradesh’ channel, in which it is written – Chudi to Bahana Love Jihad Nishana (Bangle is just an excuse, love jihad is main intention)!

Tweeting the information of this program to be aired on August 23, News18 Madhya Pradesh writes – “Chudi bahana…love jihad nishana! Chudi wale se maarpit ke baad bawaal! Chudi wale ka dharm kya hai? Love jihad ke liye badal liya naam? (Bangle is an excuse, love jihad is the target! Communal tension after a muslim bangle seller was thrashed! What is the religion of the bangle seller? Name changed for love jihad?)”

Exposing the handiwork of the channel owned by Ambani, fact-checker Mohammad Zubair writes – Any difference between people like Yati Narasimhanand and News channels like these…. What next? UAPA against the Muslim bangle seller who was beaten in Indore?

Journalist Rohini Singh has slammed India’s richest man Mukesh Ambani for spreading communal hate in the society through the news channel owned by him. Responding to Zubair’s tweet, journalist Rohini Singh writes- Why should India’s richest man fund such a venomous network? This country has given so much to the Ambani family. How can they allow so much hate to be injected in our society?

Another journalist Deepak Sharma writes – “Exactly, Reliance gets oil from the Middle East and Reliance is also engaged in a deal worth $ 25 billion with Saudi Arabia. If these countries come to know what Ambani’s media is doing in India, then it will also affect Reliance’s business. It will have to rethink its editorial policy.”

One thought on ““Why should India’s richest man fund such a venomous network?”: Journalist Rohini Singh slams Mukesh Ambani for spreading communal hate through his news channel

  1. His father made the fortune through Congress…during 70s Pranab mukherjee as finance, commerce ministry twisted rules and regulations to favor Reliance. Now present Congress changed their tack. Being an industrialist, and trader he understand which way the wind blowing. Religious fundamentalists ruling the world….hence he is doing this……they hatched the plan long back and bought 18 news channels. Either Congress leadership are fool or they have a part in this drama. All for personal gain, money position and power. Who give the shit for country, people….etc.if require this class will sell their mother as well.

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