“Why should India apologise for the mistakes of BJP leaders?” Pawan Khera lashes out at Modi govt

Pawan Khera lashes out at Modi govt: The controversial remarks made by BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma and Naveen Jindal of BJP IT cell on Prophet Mohammad have brought India international wrath. Indian ambassadors to Kuwait, Qatar, Iran and Saudi Arabia have been summoned. Along with this, India has been asked to apologize. On the other hand, the Congress has raised the question that when the leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party have made a mistake, then why should the whole of India apologize for it?

Pawan Khera lashes out at Modi govt over issuing apologies to Arab world

Congress spokesperson Pawan Khera has released a video saying, “Today Qatar and Kuwait are reminding the prime minister ‘Rajdharma’. It is a shame for the whole country. The Prime Minister and his party have bowed the heads of the entire country in shame. If the Prime Minister had spoken in time and silenced his supporters, the country would not have been embarrassed like this.”

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He also said that the mistake has been made by the leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party, why should the whole country bear the brunt of it. If the BJP leaders have made a mistake, then the BJP should also apologize, not the whole country.

Pawan Khera lashes out at Modi govt over issuing apologies to Arab world

On the other hand, Congress Rajya Sabha MP Digvijay Singh has cited the official press release of the Indian Embassy in Qatar and asked, “Who are these Fringe Elements who are embarrassing the country? You appointed Nadda ji these “Fringe Elements” as the spokesperson? Are you not responsible? Shouldn’t you consider a public apology?”

Significantly, during a TV debate, Nupur Sharma gave a statement about Prophet Mohammad. There is a lot of uproar over this statement. An FIR was also registered against Nupur Sharma for hurting religious sentiments, spreading hatred and making remarks against other religions.

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At the same time, Arab countries have reacted sharply. After the uproar over the statement, BJP has suspended Nupur Sharma from the party while Naveen Jindal has been expelled from the party. BJP has also issued a statement saying that the party respects all religions. The party strongly condemns criticism of personality belonging to any religion.

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