“Why is the central government a mute spectator”: Supreme Court’s scathing remarks on hate speech

The Supreme Court on Wednesday made a strong comment in the HATE speech case, expressing concern before the central government. The apex court said why the central government stands as a silent spectator in this case. The Supreme Court said in the oral comment that where the country is heading. During the last hearing, the Election Commission had said that there is no clear law in the country related to Hate Speech, in such a situation, the Supreme Court should pass an order in this case.

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Expressing concern over the Hate speech, the Supreme Court asked the Center why it remains a mute spectator when all this is going on. Justice Joseph said in the oral comment that the role of anchor is very important. Hate speech is coming either through main stream TV or through social media. The role of at least anchor is important in the main stream media. As soon as someone tries to give a hate speech, the anchor’s duty is to stop him immediately.

Justice Joseph said that we should have a proper legal framework. There are a total of 11 applications in front of the bench of Justice KM Joseph and Justice Rishikesh Rai, requesting to give instructions to regulate the Hate Speech case.

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