Why is PM Modi silent over the death of 54 farmers here in India but grieving over the death of 4 people in the US? : Prakash Ambedkar

In the past, farmers in Delhi and Punjab took out a tractor march against agricultural laws. Farmers had warned the government during this march that if agricultural laws are not withdrawn, on January 26, farmers will enter the tractors march in Delhi in lakhs.

At the same time, there was no result in the meeting held between the farmers’ leaders and the Union ministers yesterday. In this case, the Modi government has come under attack from the opposition parties as well as the common people.

In particular, PM Modi is being strongly condemned. Actually, PM Modi had expressed concern over the violence done by supporters of Donald Trump in America. But did not say a word on the death of the farmers.

In this case, the ‘Vanchit Bahujan Aghadi’ president and social activist Prakash Ambedkar has targeted PM Modi and BJP.

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He tweeted and wrote that “Our Prime Minister is concerned about American politics. But the farmers who are protesting just a few miles away from his home is not worried. What happened on the road there was against the constitution and democracy of that country, but here Modi is sitting on the chair of the Prime Minister and blowing the Constitution every day. ”

In another tweet, he wrote that he regrets the death of four people there. But here 54 of our farmers died in the agitation. People should think about this mindset.

In this case, the opposition parties have also expressed concern that after seeing the protesting farmers in the scorching cold, who can say that the BJP is thinking about their interest.

Let us tell you that both the farmer and the government are adamant on their stand. The farmers have clearly stated that they do not need any amendment in the agricultural laws right now.

The government will have to repeal the agricultural laws, otherwise these movements will agitate till 2024.

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