Why is ‘Godi Media’ silent on the ‘Mahakumbh Mela’?

Do you remember the first wave of Corona? The media of the country and supporters of a particular political party had created such an atmosphere during the time that the corona in this country has spread due to Muslims. This was the extreme state of hate and politics of hate.

Around 3000 people gathered for a religious event in Markaz of Tabligi Jamaat in Nizamuddin, the capital of the country during the period when the Corona epidemic started last year.

This program had the approval of the government. At the same time, foreign nationals were also participants in the event, who were granted visas and permission by the Indian government, yet the Tablighi Jamaat was described by the country’s media as the only source of corona.

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Once again, Corona has started showing its rage. Meanwhile, Mahakumbh is going on in BJP-ruled Uttarakhand. Millions of people are participating this Mahakumbh.

Not only this, many saints joining it are being found corona positive. The corona exploded in this Mahakumbh on Sunday.

401 people tested positive at Mahakumbh

401 people participating the Mahakumbh have been found to be corona positive. These include Mahant Narendra Giri, president of Akhil Bhartiya Akhara Parishad and Nitin Giri of Juna Akhara.

The Indian media, which bans Tablighi Jamaat by drinking water, is also silent on the Corona explosion in Mahakumbh. We do not know where their voice is lost or now the sole goal of the Indian media is to harass the minorities.

It is not just about Muslims. When the people of the Sikh community, known for their bravery and patriotism, when agitated for their right, the same Godi media and the supporters of the party did not delay a minute to label them Khalistani.

Karnataka Congress leader Srivatsa wrote on Twitter that “Tablighi Jamaat was called by the media as a single source of Corona, while it involved a total of 2500 people and cases were only 1000. Do the Godi media call the Kumbh Mela a single source? When millions of people are joining it and the corona cases have crossed the figure of 1.7 lakhs per day. Shameless silence of bhakts and media!

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