‘Why can’t give 3 Cr to Rahul Bhatt those who earned 300Cr selling pain of Kashmiri Pandits’: Vinod Kapri asks Vivek Agnihotri

Vinod Kapri asks Vivek Agnihotri: After the murder of Rahul Bhatt in Kashmir, questions have once again started being raised on the security of Kashmiri Pandits. The Kashmiri Pandits protested demanding their security but Jammu and Kashmir police lathi-charged them. Since then, the government has come under the target of the people. Now filmmaker Vinod Kapri has taken a dig at the makers of the film ‘The Kashmir Files’ based on Kashmiri Pandits.

Taking to Twitter, Vinod Kapri without naming anyone tweeted, “I want to understand that what is the problem in donating only one percent of their earnings to the family of Rahul Bhatt by those who earned Rs 300 crore by selling the pain of Kashmiri Pandits?” In his tweet, Vinod Kapri has not named any film or person, but it is believed that he was referring to the film ‘The Kashmir Files’.

Vinod Kapri asks Vivek Agnihotri

Earlier on March 15, the filmmaker had talked about making a film on the 2002 Gujarat riots. Along with this, he had also asked the PM if he will not stop its release.

Vinod Kapri had shared two posts on his Twitter account. In the first post, he had written, “In the name of Gujarat Files, I am ready to make a film based on facts, based on art and your role in it will also be mentioned in detail with ‘Satyata’. Will you assure me in front of the country today that you will not stop the release of the film?”

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In another tweet, he had said, “After this post of mine, I also talked to some producers. They are ready to produce Gujarat Files. All they need is the assurance that the freedom of expression that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is talking about now, he should give the same assurance for this film as well.”

Vinod Kapri asks Vivek Agnihotri

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