Who is Liz Truss, UK’s new PM? Started political carrier left ideology later joined Conservative Party

Members of Britain’s Conservative Party have elected Liz Truss as the new Prime Minister. Truss was the Minister of International Trade in the previous Boris Johnson government. She remained loyal to Johnson amid rebellion from fellow party lawmakers. Truss rose to the prime minister’s chair by defeating former treasury chief Rishi Sunak of Indian origin. Truss is the third woman to head the UK government. Let’s know about Liz Truss’s personal life and political journey:

Who is Liz Truss?
47-year-old Liz Truss is a Conservative. Member of Parliament for 12 years. There are eight cabinet ministers. Worked under three prime ministers. Truss was born in the year 1975 in the city of Oxford. She was raised in Scotland and North England by communist parents. Truss’s mother is a nurse by profession and father is a mathematics professor.

Truss also started her political journey with the left ideology. She studied philosophy, politics and economics from Oxford University. While in university, she was part of the Liberal Democrats and campaigned for the abolition of the monarchy. However, later she became a part of completely right-wing politics. Truss is characterized by a moderate leader who advocates smaller states and lower taxes.

Political journey and decisions
Despite family political differences, Liz contested from the Conservative Party in 2010. The father stayed away from this important choice of the daughter. However Truss won the election and became an MP for the first time. After being in the discussion as the Minister of Education, she became the Minister of Environment in the year 2014. Truss has been anti-Brexit in the beginning. But later changed her mind.

As foreign secretary, Truss drew displeasure from China by suggesting the West was prepared to divide Taiwan. A stunned Russian invader, the Baltic states look to Truss as a leader who will stand up for them in difficult times.

Russia has reacted negatively to the selection of Liz Truss as Britain’s new prime minister. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov has said that now the cold relations between Moscow and London may worsen. At the same time, China has also tightened the Truss.

Truss boldly says even the uncomfortable things at times. Speaking on the country’s food problem in 2015, Truss said, “We import two-thirds of our consumption of cheese, this is a disgrace!”

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