‘When you deny Hindi, you are denying the constitution and the government’, says Kangana Ranaut

The debate between actor Ajay Devgan and Kannada star Kiccha Sudeep over the national language gave rise to a new controversy. There was a debate between the two regarding ‘Hindi’ as the national language. From common man, politicians and actors are also reacting on the issue whether Hindi is the national language of India or not. Now actress Kangana Ranaut has also jumped into this debate. Talking about it at the trailer launch event of her upcoming film ‘Dhaakad’, she has talked about including ‘Sanskrit’ in the national language.

Kangana Ranaut said that India is a country full of diversity. She said, “Our system and society is a country of many diversities, languages ​​and cultures. And it is our birthright to feel proud of our own culture and language. I am a ‘Pahadi’. However, when we consider our nation, to make it a unit, we need a thread to bind us all together. When the constitution was made, Hindi became a national language.”

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Kangana Ranaut further adds, “And now that you say Tamil is older than Hindi, it should be noted that ‘Sanskrit’ is older than that. In my opinion, Sanskrit should be our national language, because Kannada, Tamil, Gujarati, Hindi, all these languages ​​have originated from Sanskrit. I don’t have the answer if you ask me that if so why was Sanskrit not made our national language instead of Hindi. Those decisions must have been made during a given time frame.”

Kangana Ranaut on Language Debate further said, “There are many layers to this issue. And you should be aware of all these layers when it comes to language. When you deny Hindi, you are denying the constitution and government of Delhi. When you go abroad, German, Spanish, French – they are very proud of their language. But no matter how dark colonial history, fortunately, or unfortunately, English has become that link. Connects people from all parts of the world.”

Kangana Ranaut insisted, “Today in our country also we are using English as a link for communication. Should that be the link? Or should that link be Hindi, Sanskrit, or Tamil? This is for us to decide. We have to make that decision. Till now Hindi is the national language. And when Ajay Devgan ji said, Hindi is our national language, he is not wrong. But I understand Sudeep’s sentiment and he is not wrong either.”

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