“When we didn’t spare Mahatma Gandhi & killed him…”: Hindu Mahasabha to Karnataka govt

The Akhila Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha turned heads again in Mangalore on Saturday for statements which provoked communal disharmony. The secretary of Hindu Mahasabha has given a provocative statement about Mahatma Gandhi in Karnataka. The leader said in his statement that to protect the Hindus, we did not even spare Gandhi. The name of the leader who made the statement is Dharmendra, who was doing a press conference in Mangaluru. This press conference was organized in relation to the illegal religious structures demolished here.

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When Dharmendra was speaking in the press conference, he got so excited that he made a controversial statement on Mahatma Gandhi. Dharmendra said, “When we didn’t spare Mahatma Gandhi & killed him to safeguard attack on Hindus, what makes u think we will spare you?”

He added, “Temples were demolished by the government in Chitradurga, in Dakshina Kannada and in Mysuru. Hindu outfits launched protests. Who is running the government? If this had happened during the Congress regime, do you think the situation would have been the same? As long as the Hindu Mahasabha is there, we are not going to allow you to demolish Hindu temples.”

Hindu Mahasabha leader Dharmendra further said, “why mosques and churches are not being demolished, if our constitution talks about right to equality, why only temples are being targeted.”

Bulldozer running on temples on the orders of the High Court
Whatever action the Mysore administration is taking regarding the temples, they are doing it on the orders of the Karnataka High Court. In fact, a few days ago, the Karnataka High Court had reprimanded the government for not taking strict action on illegal constructions built on government lands. Let us tell you that the Supreme Court has said that any illegal religious construction made after September 29, 2009 will not be valid.

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