When Shahrukh and Salman clashed at Katrina Kaif’s birthday party, the actress herself had to intervene

Katrina Kaif, who is called the Barbie doll of Bollywood, is celebrating her 39th birthday today, July 16. Katrina is one of the top actresses of the film industry today, but there was a time when she did not even know Hindi properly. Although she made her place in Hindi films with her strong acting and established herself as a famous actress of the industry. Now that you are working in some field, there is always friendship and enmity to meet the people there. Although we are not talking about Katrina fighting anyone here, rather we are talking about the fight between Shah Rukh and Salman on Katrina’s 27th birthday.

Katrina herself had to intervene
Salman’s friendship and enmity is well known and his feud with Shahrukh Khan was in the headlines, which people have not forgotten even today, although now both the actors are often seen together on many occasions. All is well between these two Khans of Bollywood, but after that fight at Kat’s birthday party, the relationship between Dabang Khan and King Khan was bad for a long time.

Katrina Kaif Birthday/Salman Khan

It is the year 2008, when Salman Khan was hosting Katrina Kaif’s 27th birthday, while Bollywood’s King Khan i.e. Shahrukh attended the celebration with his wife Gauri Khan. During this, he took a jibe at Salman. After this, where Salman was also going to remain silent, he also took a jibe at Shahrukh. It is said that after this, the matter between the two increased so much that even a scuffle broke out … even Katrina and Gauri Khan had to intervene.

Katrina Kaif Birthday/Shahrukh Khan

Disputes resolved at Baba Siddiqui’s Iftar party
Even after a year passed, the relationship between the two was not normal and in the year 2018, Shahrukh himself said that there was no fight between the two over any work but due to personal reasons. He told that he was very embarrassed for this and told that there was not going to be any kind of fight but I was tired and it happened. However, in the year 2013, these two Khans once again came together at Baba Siddiqui’s Iftar party.

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