When is the Bail Pola 2022, why celebrate this festival? Know the special things related to it

This time the new moon of Bhadrapada month is on August 27, Saturday. On this day the festival of Kushagrahani Amavasya, Shanishchari Amavasya, Bail Pola 2022 and Pithori Amavasya will be celebrated. Out of all these names, very little is known about Bail Pola. This festival is mainly celebrated in Chhattisgarh, some places of Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra. Bullocks are worshiped on this day. It is considered to be the festival of Bail Pola and Pola.

Bail Pola is the main festival of Maharashtra
Although Bail Pola is celebrated in different parts of the country, it is of great importance in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra. In Vidarbha, Bail Pola is also called Motha Pola and its second day is called Tanha Pola. India is an agricultural country and most of the farmers use oxen for farming. That is why all the farmers worship the animals and thank them.

This is how these festivals are celebrated?
On the bullock, the farmers take out the rope from the neck of their bullocks and massage them with oil. After this, they are prepared by bathing them well. In many places, oxen are garlanded with colorful clothes and jewellery. After this, khichdi made from millet is fed to the bulls. Everyone gathers at one place and takes out a procession of bullocks and celebrates the festival. On this day special dishes like puran poli, gujiya etc. are prepared in homes.

Life Management of Bail Pola
By the new moon of Bhadrapada month, the farmers have sown their crops. Farmers plow the field with the help of oxen. When the farmer is sure after sowing the crop, then he celebrates this festival to thank the oxen. This thing may seem very small in sight, but a life management formula is hidden behind it, that is, all the animals and equipments with which we are living, they are all worthy of thanks. This feeling also creates a sense of humility in us.

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