“What is this love of PM for China?”: Pawan Khera hits out at Sambit Patra over Afghanistan issue in a heated debate

Since the Taliban have taken control over Afghanistan, from social media to TV media, discussions are happening everywhere about this. The same issue was being discussed in ‘News 24’ show ‘Rashtra Ki Baat’. During this, there was a heated argument between Congress leader Pawan Khera and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) national spokesperson Sambit Patra.

Launching a scathing attack on the BJP government during the discussion, Pawan Khera said, “RSS people used to go to China to aking training from the Communist Party of China. Why did Doval and his foundation visit China frequently? When we will come to power, we will launch such an investigation that you people will feel your senses. That’s why you should not talk too much on this issue. We know how much you people enslave China. How many MoUs has Modi signed?

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The Congress leader continued attacking BJP and said, “When Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat, he used to visit China again and again. When the US did not allow him to come, he used to visit China. You don’t even speak about China. Your party leader used to visit China 18 times. What is this love of PM for China? You should not open your mouth on China, Prime Minister is intelligent, so he does not speak much (on China) because he knows he will be exposed.”

The Congress spokesperson further said, “Now let’s talk about other issues. Today Sambit Patra made it clear that the Indian government will not maintain any relationship with the Taliban. Congratulations, the country has got a new foreign minister in the name of Sambit Patra.

Pawan Khera said, “How they(BJP) misuse the Taliban in the politics of the country, today Sambit Patra made it clear. We want to keep your hands open, but you say look they are Taliban supporters. Explain why you lost Chabahar Port which was in your control. Modi Ji is the temporary president of UNSP, why did this situation arise today?” Sambit Patra had nothing but to smile.

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