Jennifer Gwynne

Elon Musk and Jennifer Gwynne dated from 1994 to 1995 when they were both at the University of Pennsylvania. They split when Musk graduated, moved to California. Jennifer earned $165,000 after auctioning a personal collection of photos and other items from their one-year relationship.

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Justine Wilson 2000-2008

Justine Wilson was Musk's first wife. The couple met when they were both in college at Queen's University and got married in 2000. The pair had six children together and split up in 2008.

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Talulah Riley 2010-2016

Musk began dating Pride & Prejudice actress Talulah Riley. The pair got married in 2010 then divorced in 2014. However, this was not the end of their relationship. Musk and Riley remarried in 2015 before once again divorcing in 2016.

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Amber Heard 2016-2018

Musk began dating actress Amber Heard in late 2016. The pair went public with their relationship in 2017 but ended up calling it off in 2018. The ex-couple noted timing and distance as primary reasons for their breakup.

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Grimes 2018-2022

Musk and musician Grimes started dating in May 2018 and They made their relationship official by appearing together at that year's Met Gala. In May 2020, the couple welcomed a son. In 2022, they welcomed their second child via surrogacy. Broke up in march 2022.

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Shivon Zilis

Musk fathered twins with Shivon Zilis, a top executive at Musk's startup "Neuralink" in 2021. Their two children recently took Musk's last name, however, the pair's relationship was unknown to the public until recently.

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Nicole Shanahan

The Wall Street Journal reported on 25th July 2022 that Elon Musk had a “brief affair” with Nicole Shanahan, the estranged wife of Sergey Brin, cofounder of Google. However, Musk categorically denied the affair on Twitter.

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Natasha Bassett

Musk begun dating 27-year-old Australian actress Natasha Bassett in May 2022. However, Natasha pulled the plug on their “romantic” relationship after after Musk confirmed that he and Neuralink exec Shivon Zilis secretly welcomed twins into the world in Nov. 2021

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