“Wear bermudas if you have to show your leg”: Dilip Ghosh’s sexist remark on Mamata

In West Bengal, as the first phase of voting is getting closer, the tongue of the leaders has started getting out of control. Now Bengal BJP President Dilip Ghosh has given a very embarrassing statement on Mamta Banerjee. Dilip Ghosh has said on the injury to Mamta Banerjee’s leg, that Mamta should wear Bermuda instead of sari, so that her leg can be seen properly.

Dilip Ghosh said that the plaster has been cut, the crepe bandage has been tied and she is showing it to everyone by raising her feet. One leg open and one covered. Haven’t seen anyone wearing such a sari? Why she is wearing a sari when the feet have to be kept showing? She should wear Bermuda shorts.”

Dilip Ghosh’s remark:

“Why Mamta Di is wearing a sari, she should wear “Bermuda” shorts to show her legs better”

Dilip Ghosh, BJP leader
There has been a rhetoric on Mamta’s injury before

There has been a rhetoric on Mamta Banerjee’s leg injury before. On this, Union Home Minister Amit Shah had said that Didi should make her report public. Not only the Union Home Minister, but the Defense Minister also made a statement on the injury to Mamta Banerjee’s feet, he had told the politics of collecting votes by showing sympathy to people, but the Bengal BJP President’s speech on Mamata’s injured leg was in bad taste.

Didi lashed out at BJP in Purulia

During a public meeting in Purulia on Tuesday, TMC chief Mamta Banerjee said that I know why I have come here today. I have been attacked. I have a head injury. Has been stabbed in the back. Has been hit on the arm. Has been hit in the stomach. Has been hit in the eye. The leg was left, now it also got injured.

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Taking a dig at the opposition, Mamta said, ‘They are afraid of me. The people of BJP were thinking that if I turn around in the elections, the BJP will lose badly, that’s why Mamata’s feet were confiscated. But they do not know that Mamta Banerjee can break down but cannot bow down. He said, ‘Even though one of my legs is injured, I am walking with my parents’ feet. I am protecting the honor of my mother and sisters.

Mamta Banerjee was injured in Nandigram

Let us tell you that on 10 March Mamata Banerjee filed her nomination from Nandigram seat. After this, she went to the temple at 6 pm. After getting out of the temple, she was injured when she was sitting in the car. She accused the BJP of a conspiracy attack.

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