“We will respond without weakness…”: French President Macron warns Russia over Ukraine invasion

French President Emmanuel Macron has reacted strongly to the war between Russia and Ukraine. While warning Russia, he has called the attack on Ukraine a turning point in the history of Europe. Macron says Russia’s attack on Ukraine will have “deep, lasting consequences for our lives”.

Macron warned Russia of a resolute response to the attack on Ukraine, which he described as a turning point in European history.

“We will respond without weakness to this act of war, with calm, determination and unity,” the French president said in his address to the nation.

“We have tried everything to avoid this war but it is here and we are ready,” Macron said.

He said that sanctions will be “proportionate” to Russia’s military operations, targeting its economy and its energy sector.

“We will show no weakness,” Macron said. “We will take all measures necessary to defend the sovereignty and stability of our European allies.”

Let us tell you that Russia has declared war by attacking Ukraine on Thursday. According to the information so far, 50 soldiers of Russia and 40 soldiers of Ukraine have been killed. Many civilians have lost their lives. Ukraine claims that Russia has carried out more than 30 attacks on it. A Ukrainian military plane has also crashed near the Ukrainian capital, Kiev. There were 14 people on board the plane.

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