“We Stand In Solidarity”: After Rihanna, Activist Greta Thunberg Extends Support To Farmers

After American singer Rihanna, now Sweden’s environmental activist Greta Thunberg has also come in support of the peasant movement. Giving support to farmers who have been protesting against agricultural laws on the borders of the capital Delhi for two months.

Greta Thunberg tweets in support of farmers

Greta said that she stands in solidarity with the farmers. Within hours of Rihanna’s tweet about the peasant movement, Greta Thunberg also tweeted in support. On Tuesday, Greta Thunberg wrote, ‘We stand in solidarity with the ongoing farmers’ movement in India.

Let us tell you that earlier American singer Rihanna has also supported the farmer movement. Rihanna shared a news story about Internet services being shut down at the protest site and said, “Why are we not talking about this?” Rihanna has also added #FarmersProtest to her tweet. Rihanna has 100 million followers on Twitter and her tweet was retweeted by thousands of people in an hour.

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Apart from Rihanna and Thunberg, UK Member of Parliament Claudia Webbe has also expressed solidarity with Indian farmers. Sharing a screenshot of Rihanna’s tweet, he wrote, ‘solidarity towards Indian farmers. Thank you Rihanna. In an era where there is a lack of political leadership, we are grateful to others for moving forward. ‘

US House Representative Jim Costa also described the atmosphere as disturbing and said the situation was being closely monitored. Costa wrote, ‘The unfolding events in India are disturbing. As a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, I am closely monitoring the situation. The right to peaceful protest should always be respected.

It is worth mentioning that the farmers’ organizations are continuously protesting against the three agricultural laws brought by the central government. It mainly consists of farmers from Punjab and Haryana, who are adamant on repealing the three agricultural laws. Meanwhile, the Haryana government has extended the suspension of mobile internet services in many districts till 5 pm on 3 February.

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