“We salute the Indian farmers & the journalists who endanger their lives”; Former British PM candidate attacks Modi govt in the British Parliament

Senior Labor leader and Britain’s prime ministerial candidate in the last general election, Jeremy Corbyn, has sharply criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the central government’s agricultural laws in the British Parliament.

It was in the British Parliament that Jeremy Corbyn sharply criticized the policies of the Modi Government. He came out in support of the farmers’ movement when the issue of ‘Security of Indian Farmers and Media Freedom’ was debated in the British Parliament.

The crimes of infringing on fundamental and civil rights have been recorded in the history of Modi’s rule. Therefore, sanctions should be imposed on Narendra Modi and his government. Jeremy Corbyn said Modi’s entry into the UK should be banned.

Debates in British Parliament

“Thousands of Indian farmers are protesting due to the stress & pressures of globalisation. Their voices were heard loud and clear in Parliament today through a petition signed by millions. I salute the farmers and journalists who risked their lives to uphold their message, ”said Jeremy.

“The attack on the farmers’ strike in Delhi is unprecedented. The Indian government is silencing the media in an unprecedented manner. Internet connection disconnected in India. Mobile phone use has also been restricted,” he added. “Indian democracy is in grave danger and there are unprecedented attacks on democracy,” further he said.

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At the same time, India took a strong stance against the debate in the British Parliament on the farmers struggle.
The central government summoned the British High Commissioner against the debate in parliament.

British High Commissioner Alex Ellis. is the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs. Ellis was summoned and criticized.
The central government has been criticized for holding “unnecessary and partisan” discussions.

“A gross interference in the politics of another democratic country”, foreign secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla advised UK high commissioner to India Alex Ellis that British MPs “should refrain from practising vote-bank politics” by misrepresenting events, especially in relation to another fellow democracy.

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