Watch|Rubika Liyaquat slams BJP leader Gaurav Bhatia in a heated debate over scarcity of oxygen

Corona cases are increasing rapidly across the country. The second wave of Corona has exposed the country’s poor health. Meanwhile, in the TV Debate of ABP News, when anchor Rubika Liyaquat said that the corona epidemic has proved that no government can be trusted, BJP spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia clashed and said that the audience is watching you.

In fact, in a TV debate show on ABP News Channel, anchor Rubika Liaquat and BJP spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia clashed. Gaurav Bhatia told Rubika Liyaquat in TV Debate that you weave a web of words and keep speaking without listening to me. On this Rubika Liyaquat got erupted. She started saying that the network of the inane system is woven here and you want me to maintain the dignity of the words. People are dying and you are saying that I am being dishonest.

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After this, Gaurav Bhatia, while answering Rubika’s allegations, started saying that first you speak, the audience is watching you. After which Rubika also replied that I have 24 hours to speak. Not only this, when Rubika Liyaquat asked the BJP spokesperson about the failures of the central government regarding Corona, the BJP spokesperson started telling the anchor that you are being dishonest.

Heated debate between Rubika Liyaquat and Gaurav Bhatia

In the TV debate, anchor Rubika Liaquat asked BJP spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia that in most states you have a government, your government is also at the center. But now one thing has been proved that no government can be trusted. Replying to this, BJP spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia said that it will be dishonest in some way if you use such words, Rubika ji, that no government can be trusted.

“This is dishonest?” asked Rubika Liyaquat. To which Gaurav Bhatia replied “you Complete first”. Stopping Gaurav Bhatia in the middle, Rubika Liyaquat said that I have a strong objection to what you have said to be dishonest. As soon as Rubika Liaqat objected, the BJP spokesperson said that the objection has been yours, now you will not speak in the middle while I am speaking. Anchor Rubika Liyaqat got further infuriated after Gaurav Bhatia said so. Rubika started saying “why I should not speak, now you are proud of it too. Further Rubika said that you first take back your words. Here the system of the entire country has deteriorated and you are sitting in arrogance.”

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