Watch|Rubika in her show – Economy will break if MSP is given, Slammed by fellow journalist says – she is a BJP spokesperson in disguise of journalist

Forgetting the basic principles of journalism, today, many journalists are busy doing yesman of the government.

At this time many news channels are trying to discredit it on the issue of farmer movement going on in the country. In which the demands of the farmers are being denied.

Journalist Rubika Liaquat of ABP News Channel says that giving MSP to farmers can increase the burden on the government exchequer.

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In her news show, Rubika Liaquat has tried to call out the demands of farmers unnecessarily by stating the perceived advantages and disadvantages of MSP. Rubika Liaquat shared the knowledge of the MSP to the people, praising the Modi government like every time.

In this report, Rubika Liaquat is saying that the government is currently purchasing MSP on certain crops. Imagine if all the crops were purchased at MSP. Or if the prices of those crops are fixed in advance, then how will the economy of the country run?

In this case, journalist Rohini Singh has targeted Rubika Liyaquat citing this report.

She has written that “When journalists start reading the press release written by the government, then weakening democracy is bound to happen. Here Rubika Liyaquat is telling that giving MSP to farmers will break the backbone of the economy. Identify such ‘party spokespersons’ in the guise of journalism.

It is being told that to call off the farmer movement launched by the farmers and Modi government from withdrawing the agricultural laws, there is a screw up on the legal guarantee of the MSP between the government and the protesters.

Opposition parties say that by snatching these rights from farmers, the Modi government is trying to make them puppets in the hands of private companies.

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