Watch|Issue of farmers’ protest in India raised in British Parliament, PM Boris Johnson’s reply surprised everyone

The issue of the farmers’ movement in India was raised on Wednesday in the British Parliament, the response of Prime Minister Boris Johnson on this was astonishing. Johnson got disillusioned when British Sikh MP Tanmanjit Singh Dhesi of the Labor Party asked Prime Minister Boris Johnson in Parliament about the protests being organized by farmers in India. Johnson said that any dispute between India and Pakistan can be resolved through bilateral negotiations.

Surprised by Johnson’s response, Dhesi immediately took to social media and expressed surprise on Twitter that Prime Minister Johnson did not know what subject he was responding to. Actually, Dhesi raised the issue of farmers in India and asked in Parliament whether Johnson would convey the concerns of the Sikh community living in Britain to Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India. In response to this question, Johnson said that any dispute between India and Pakistan can be resolved by the governments there.

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Demand to repeal agricultural laws
Let us tell you that for 13 consecutive days, the farmers sitting on the borders of Delhi demanding the repeal of the new agricultural laws have refused to accept the government’s proposal to give the purchase guarantee in writing at the minimum support price. The farmers have made it clear that they are not going to accept anything except to repeal the laws. After the proposal was rejected, Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar met Union Home Minister Amit Shah for further strategy.

Railway Minister Piyush Goyal was also present during this meeting. On the other hand, farmers have now intensified their agitation and decided to make all toll free on 12 December and jam the Delhi-Jaipur highway on this day. The farmers have also decided to boycott Reliance’s Jio.

There is no mention in the government proposal regarding the main demand of farmers
In the proposal sent by the government to the farmers, necessary amendments have been proposed on seven issues. But there is no mention of the main demand of the agitating farmers to withdraw the laws. The government has also rejected the demand of farmers to enact a law to guarantee purchase on MSP. The draft proposal sent by Vivek Aggarwal, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture, said that the government is ready to consider the objections of the farmers regarding the new agricultural laws.

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