Watch Video | Deepak Chahar proposes to girlfriend in filmy style after match against Punjab Kings

Chennai Super Kings star fast bowler Deepak Chahar started a new innings of life in the 53rd match of IPL 2021. Deepak proposed to his girlfriend in a packed stadium after the match against Punjab Kings at the Dubai International Stadium ended. Chahar expressed his love in a filmy style. He expressed his love in front of his girlfriend sitting in the audience gallery immediately after the match. His girlfriend also agreed to it and accepted his love proposal saying ‘yes’.

In a video shared with the official Twitter handle of IPL, Deepak went straight to his girlfriend in the stands soon after the match was over. This star bowler from Chennai expressed his love by sitting on his knee in front of the audience.

His girlfriend did not delay on this and immediately agreed. After this both of them hugged and exchanged rings with each other. The whole world saw the love of both of them and during this time the fans present there also expressed their happiness by clapping.

Deepak himself has also shared the video of the entire moment on his Instagram handle. He captioned the video, ‘Special moment’. In this video, he is seen reaching the VIP stand. After reaching here, Deepak first asked captain MS Dhoni’s daughter Ziva Dhoni to step aside and after that he turned and sat down on his knee in front of his girlfriend.

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