Watch Video| Angry over not being invited to foundation laying ceremony, BJP MLA Ramesh Mishra creates ruckus

Badlapur MLA of Jaunpur district Ramesh Mishra on Saturday burnt the foundation stone of the martyr’s memorial in Balua village after not seeing his name. The MLA publicly lauded the officers in the foundation stone laying program. The organizers also said good and bad. He later left after complaining to the Chief Minister. Sensing the attitude of the MLA, many officers who were going to attend the foundation stone ceremony returned from the road. For this reason, only the formalities of the program were completed.

The martyr memorial has been renovated in Balua village. The foundation stone of its gate was to be held on Saturday. All preparations were completed under the leadership of the block major influencer Kannaujia. Other officers including DM were to be involved in this. Suddenly MLA Ramesh Mishra reached the spot in the afternoon.

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He was informed that he is not named on the stone to be laid in the foundation stone program. The MLA asked the organizers to show the foundation stone. Not seeing his name on it, he got angry after expressing displeasure with the BDO, ADO and other officers. But when the organizers also started showing a strong tone, the MLA went to meet CM and talked about complaining. In this regard, the prominent influential Kannaujia and BDO Gauravendra Singh refused to say anything.

“It is in the mandate that in the assembly area where the foundation stone or inauguration program will be held, the name of the regional people’s representative will be there on the shilapat. It is the rule to conduct the inauguration or foundation stone. This program was being done by the officers without informing us, which is wrong. We will complain about this to the Chief Minister” says Badlapur MLA Ramesh Chandra Mishra.

Congress expressed resentment over MLA’s attitude
Congress workers expressed strong resentment over the uproar of Badlapur MLA at the event near the martyr’s memorial site in Balua village. Chairman of the Baksha Block Congress Committee, Dr. Prabhat Vikram Singh said that the MLA publicly uttered abuses to the officers. Removed the mattresses lying around the altar meant for Bhoomipujan. His attitude towards the organizers was also indecisive. As a public servant, this behavior is not right for him. His behavior makes it clear that all the people’s representatives of BJP are in power. The public will teach them a lesson in the upcoming election.

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