Watch: UP constable cries in middle of the road complaining about the quality of food served at the mess in Firozabad police lines

UP constable cries: A constable holding a plate of food on the highway in front of the police line in Firozabad created a ruckus on Wednesday. The constable wept bitterly, questioning the quality of the mess’s food. He said that he is hungry for two days, but no officer is paying attention. When the Inspector came to know about this, immediately the force was sent and the constable was brought to the police line. The SSP has handed over the investigation of the case to CO Line Hiralal Kannojia.

On Wednesday afternoon, a soldier arrived on the highway outside the district headquarters with a plate of food in his hand. Sitting on the divider of the highway, the soldier picked up the roti from the plate and started questioning its quality. Showing the bread to the people, the soldier said that even animals cannot eat this roti… Such roti is being served to us. If you do not get enough food then how will the duty be done. During this, someone present there made a video of him.

UP constable cries in middle of the road complaining about the quality of food

When other constables reached him along with the sub-inspector of the headquarters outpost, he started weeping in front of them questioning the quality of the food. The constable said that he lives far away from home, he is hungry but how to eat such roti?

In this regard, Inspector of Police Lines, Devendra Singh Sikarwar said that the constable Manoj Kumar, posted in the summons cell of the police office, is having a dispute with his wife. Because of this he remains upset.

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When he went to get food in the mess on Wednesday, there was a queue. The mess commander told to take food from in queue. On this, he started abusing. He took the food but instead of eating he reached out.

SP Rural Akhilesh Narayan Singh said that the matter is under cognizance. Its investigation has been handed over by SSP to CO Line Hiralal Kanojia. Investigation is being done whether everyone is getting the food like this or it is only Manoj’s complaint.

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