Watch| Ukrainian striker Roman Yaremchuk breaks down in tears after getting standing ovation from crowd

It’s been five days since Russia invaded Ukraine. Meanwhile, Ukraine is getting a lot of support from all over the world. Spectators are also reaching the grounds with posters in support of Ukraine. One such incident was witnessed during a football match held on Sunday.

A Premeira Liga match was played between Benfica and Victoria SC. A large number of spectators had reached the ground to watch the match. Ukraine striker Roman Yaremchuk did not get a place in the starting-11 for Benfica, but he was sent to the field as a substitute. When he walked on the field on the 62nd minute of the match, Benfica fans stood up for Yaremchuk and applauded.

Benfica substituted captain Yan Vertonghan and sent Yaremchuk to the field. When Vertonghan reached the dugout, he took off his captaincy band and put it on Yaremchuk. Through this it was shown that the whole world is with Ukraine. As soon as Yaremchuk entered the field, the fans started clapping louder. Seeing this, Yaremchuk also became emotional and started crying on the field itself. He also thanked the fans for their support.

Roman Yaremchuk

The video clips of moment are becoming very viral on social media. Ukrainian players have been seen getting support many times in the football field. Portugal and Manchester United’s star striker Cristiano Ronaldo also appealed for a halt to the war and peace.

Ukraine is getting a lot of support in Europe. England, Czech Republic and Poland have refused to play FIFA World Cup qualifier matches against Russia. Apart from this, many types of sanctions are being imposed on Russia. At the same time, FIFA has also decided that no international football match will be played in Russia.

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