Watch | Sudarshan TV reporter harasses Haldiram’s Manager over Urdu description on Packaging, Video Goes Viral

Haldiram is one of the reputed Indian Multinational Sweets and Snacks Companies. One of the videos related to Haldiram went viral on social media. A news reporter can be seen harassing the store manager of a Haldiram’s outlet over the printing of ‘Urdu’ language on a packet of Haldiram snacks. A reporter asked about the possible reasons for printing in Urdu. Chaitra Navratri, a Hindu festival, began in north India. In this context, there is opposition on social media to the company printing Urdu on snack packets. In the video, a reporter from Sudarshan News, and Haldiram staff had an argument over packets over the Urdu language.

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The video surfaced on Twitter after a Hindi news channel shared the clip of their reporter confronting a Halidram’s employee for the company’s Urdu packaging on the said product.

The reporter puts a mic in front of the manager’s face as her cameraman records her ‘forced interview’. She asks the manager, who is also a woman, that what is Haldiram’s trying to hide by concealing the description of the namkeen packet in Urdu. A crowd of people and a police officer could be seen witnessing the confrontation.

Replying to the question, the manager says that the food inside the packet is not a health hazard, and then she asks the reporter to leave the store. She says, “If you want to have this you can have it, if you don’t want to have it, you can just keep this here and go from my outlet.”

When the reporter persists and keeps asking her the same thing, the manager clearly looks frustrated but keeps her calm and says she is not going to tolerate this anymore. Now with a high-pitched voice and a smile on her face, the reporter then asks her again what’s hidden inside the packet. “Animal oil? Beef oil?”

The manager replies to saying she is free to think whatever she want to think. She then tells the reporter that people from different communities, who speak various languages consume the food and that description is for them.

She then shows the reporter other namkeen packets that have Hindi or English written on it. The manager asks the reporter why can’t she look at those packets and only question her about those in Urdu. The reporter then tell the manager that the namkeen with Urdu packaging is made specially for vrat (fasting).

The episode drew widespread condemnation on social media with some suggesting the writing on the packet is Arabic and is there because it is exported to the Middle East while others supplied examples of everything from Indian Railways signages to currency notes using Urdu text.

The TV channel Sudarshan TV, a far-right broadcaster, has been censured by the Supreme Court in the past for its Islamophobic content but the government has allowed it to air programmes on subjects like a “conspiracy to infiltrate Muslims in government service”.

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