Watch: Smriti Irani confronted by a woman in a flight over skyrocketing fuel prices

Smriti Irani confronted by a woman: Union Minister Smriti Irani was confronted in a flight over inflation and rising prices of petrol, diesel and lpg gas. This flight was from Delhi to Guwahati in which Smriti Irani was travelling. Acting President of Mahila Congress Netta D’Souza was also on this flight. D’Souza asked Smriti about inflation. The video of this incident is now being widely shared on social media.

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Actually, Netta D’Souza and Smriti Irani had a face-off while they were de-boarding a Delhi-Guwahati flight. In the viral video, Netta D’Souza can be seen questioning Smriti Irani about the rising prices of petroleum products across the country. At the same time, during this time a passenger called Smriti Happy Bihu, on which Smriti Irani also accepted the greeting by saying Happy Bihu to that passenger. After this Netta D’Souza questioned Smriti and asked ‘How Happy Bihu without stove and without gas?’ On this Smriti said to D’Souza, “Ma’am you are lying.”

The tussle between the two did not stop here. Once again Netta D’Souza put tough questions on Smriti. The Congress leader said, “You have to tell everyone why the prices of petroleum products are increasing?’ In response, Smriti said, “I would like to tell everyone that for the last 25 months, 80 crore people are getting free ration… 1.83 million people have got free doses of vaccine.”

Netta wrote in Hindi in a tweet, tagging Smriti Irani- Encountered @smritiirani ji on flight to Guwahati.

Smriti Irani confronted by a woman in a flight

Netta D’Souza has written in another tweet that she does not care at all that she will be stopped on the flight now. She will continue to show the mirror to the Modi government and its ministers like this.

Petrol prices in the country have increased 15 times in 16 days. So far the prices have increased by Rs 10 per litre. In Delhi, a liter of petrol is now being sold at ₹ 105.41 while diesel is being sold at ₹ 96.67 per litre. In Mumbai – where fuel prices are the highest among the four metros – petrol is being sold at ₹ 120.51 a liter while diesel is being sold at ₹ 104.77 a liter.

Fuel rates had remained stable for more than four months despite a jump in crude oil prices. At that time assembly elections were being held in five states. The opposition has claimed that this is an election strategy of the BJP.

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