Watch: Navika Kumar roasted live on her face by Pawan Khera

During a TV debate on a TV channel, Congress leader Pawan Kheda lashed out at anchor Navika Kumar and the media. Whose video went viral on social media, people started giving different reactions.

In a show of ‘Times Now Navbharat’ channel, anchor Navika Kumar asked Congress leader Pawan Kheda, “You people are questioning the rising prices of petrol and diesel, but after the formation of the government in Himachal Pradesh, you have increased the prices of petrol.” increased?” In response to this, Pawan Kheda said that I completely agree with you but have done this only for some time.

Taking a dig at the questions asked by the anchor during the discussion, Pawan Khera said, “Today I remind you of your earlier shows, you were a very active journalist even then. She used to question Manmohan Singh and Sheila Dixit’s government every evening, and that was your job. Where is that Navika Kumar today? Where is that media today?” Pawan Kheda further said that today’s opposition is an orphan while Navika Kumar was standing with the opposition of that time. We are fighting the government alone.

With this, he said, “As soon as people are realising this, they are turning off their TV. And as the TV is turning off, Modi ji’s luck is also turning off. Pawan Kheda said, “Sorry that I am speaking bitterly on your face, as you are speaking bitterly, I have learned all this from you only.” During this, the anchor was only seen smiling.

Sharing this video, netizens have praised Pawan Kheda. A user tweeted “Pawan Khera showing mirror to Kachra Navika Kumar.” Common social media users have said that the media should have the guts to speak like this, otherwise democracy will end.