Watch: Navika Kumar gets roasted by Ex-Indian Navy lieutenant in a live show on invaders debate, wins the internet

A retired Indian armed forces officer and political analyst recently did the impossible: he got Navika Kumar raging! For some days at least, Navika Kumar will probably refrain from asking rhetoric questions. Because the recent panel discussion on Times Now, let’s just say, did not go according to her plan.

During a panel discussion on the Times Now, panelist Gokul Chandran made a point about casteism with Shudras and Aryans as focal points. Chandran was talking about how Shudras aren’t just a caste, and that historically, they were invaders. This sets Navika off. She responds by saying, “Oh, so we are invaders? With your permission, can we live in this country, sir? Since you are the boss and the owner of this country, can we live in this country?”

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To this Chandran sarcastically, “No, you cannot,” directing his response specifically to Navika. Then the anchor asks, “Where should we go sir? He immediately replied, “Wherever your want.”

The exchange is hilarious, and we cannot stop playing it on repeat. It is uploaded by Chandran himself on Twitter. He captioned the 50-second clip, “What wrong did I say?” Check out the video:

Navika Kumar gets roasted by Ex-Indian Navy lieutenant

Netizens were delighted to have yet another dose of Navika getting roasted on her own show, and Here are some reactions:

Navika Kumar gets roasted by Ex-Indian Navy lieutenant

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