Watch| “Judiciary and Media have failed this country”; Mahua Moitra’s dynamic speech in LS

The Lok Sabha proceeded till midnight to discuss the motion of thanks on the President’s address. During this time, TMC MP Mahua Moitra made a comment in reference to the former Chief Justice of India, which created a ruckus in the House. Members of the ruling party accused her of violating parliamentary rules. After much uproar, Mahua’s remarks were dropped from the proceedings of the House.

Now the central government is considering bringing a notice of breach of privilege against Moitra. Mahua Moitra retorted that the truth can never be removed. Moitra tweeted, “If a breach of privilege is brought against me for speaking the truth, it would really be privelage for me.”

Mahua Moitra commented without naming

Earlier, RSP MP MK Premachandran, who was presiding over the House, said that if Moitra’s statements were objectionable, it would be removed from the proceedings of the House. Union Minister Arjun Meghwal termed Mahua’s remarks on former Chief Justice as shameful. Mahua commented without a name.

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Accused government of resorting to hate
During the discussion on the vote of thanks, Moitra used strong words in her speech. Moitra accused the government of resorting to hatred and bigotry to make its point. Also, Moitra said that the judiciary and the media have also failed the country.

‘Government calls agitators terrorists’
Moitra alleged that India is currently facing an undeclared emergency and accused the government of suppressing the agitating voice from students to farmers and elderly women of Shaheen Bagh. Moitra said that the government calls those raising their voices as terrorists.

Full speech:

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