Watch: Businessman father sets son on fire by pouring thinner after argument over money

Businessman father sets son on fire: The CCTV footage of the sensational incident of the father burning the son alive from Karnataka has come to the fore. This incident took place on April 1 in Chamaraja Pet, Bangalore, where there was an altercation between businessman father Surendra and Arpit over business money.

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In this case, the angry father sprinkled the thinner used in paint on the son. Arpit did not expect that the father could go further than this. That’s why he didn’t even try to run away. The angry father threw a matchstick at his son.

Arpit died during treatment

Suddenly this fire took a terrible form. Neighbors extinguished the fire and took Arpit to the hospital. Today (Thursday) Arpit died in the hospital during treatment. Taking action in this matter, the police has arrested father Surendra.

Businessman father sets son on fire

The incident is of Azad Nagar. Initial investigation has revealed that the son had suffered a loss of Rs 1.5 Cr, which made the father angry. Last week, Arpit had a loss of Rs 1.5.

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